The New PenSimple Herb Grinding Pen for Herb Lovers
November 19, 2016

Do you need to be mentally relaxed after heavily working day, but your having problems grinding your favorite herb? So you don’t need to get worried. There is an amazing cool herb grinding pen that can easily be used for this purpose. The most interesting thing is that its shape isn’t look like other herb grinders that are available in the market. Because of this unique shape, it can easily be carried pretty much anywhere without knowing anybody. The PenSimple is the combination of a grinder, a pen, and motorized dispensers that can not only grind your herbs but can also store up to the gram of your favorite herbs. what’s also cool is that it is very easy and it’s portable as well because you can even bring it with you in your pocket like a pen. It is a rechargeable device and each recharge is capable of 50 to 100 dispenses depending upon how much herb to you want to use to be relaxed.

Now the questions comes of how to use it. As I told you before, it is very easy to operate. With a single push of a button you can get your herbs ground and dispensed for immediate use, and it’s perfect for all different types of herbs. Just load the grinder pen with your favorite herb and close its cap to push the button, within a blink of the eye the herb will be ground up. Another cool thing here is that you can put the ground material into your glass, papers, and vaporizers of all kinds. This thing can really save you a lot of time and frustration. The Pen Simple just makes the smoking herbs much easier. Not to mention, it also has a storage spot where you can store your ground herb.

This product is just a really cool little device for either stoners, or herb lovers of all types.

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