The Harsh and Questionable Consequences of Marijuana Crimes
November 19, 2016

The increasing availability of marijuana has increased its consumption rates. Additionally, marijuana is legal in some states. However, smoking a joint in other regions is strictly prohibited and can cost a fortune if caught. As a matter of fact, marijuana crimes have been on the rise. This has led to the introduction and implementation of strict rules and regulation curbing marijuana use. Like any other offense, you would expect an arrest, court fines or other petty charges that can be bailed out. However, depending on the region or state, you could be in for tough marijuana crimes consequences. Below are some of the common related marijuana(and paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, grinders, etc)crimes consequences.

• Jail terms and fines

To begin, getting arrested in possession of, or smoking this illegal drug warrants a jail term. In some regions or states, you could be jailed even up to ten years. However, some laws and legal sentiments regarding abuse of marijuana provide for a clause to apply a for a fine. This could be an easy way out though you will have to spend heavily. This includes paying the fine, hiring an attorney and other miscellaneous costs to set you free. This causes a lot of inconveniences both in time and finances.

• Job Restrictions

The hustle and tussle of finding a job after being convicted of marijuana crimes related case can be quite daunting. As much as federal laws forbid rejecting a job applicant solely by criminal convictions, managers have the capacity to conduct a background check on an applicants’ criminal records. With such a criminal record, you may find it difficult getting hired. You cannot guarantee any success in finding a job.

• Housing Challenges

For long, any person with a rap sheet has been experiencing major challenges in finding a residential house. Landlords and agents avoid these individuals in a bid to avoid any criminal cases in their properties. However, recent reforms and developments in this sector have banned such provisory barriers for ex-convicts aiming to integrate them into the society as they reform. However, this does not guarantee an easier housing. This explains the fact that many convicts end up being homeless, wander in the streets thus predisposing them to commit similar crimes again.

• Restricted Benefits

In the society, welfare, insurance, and other government programs should be accessed by all citizens equally. However, ex-convicts face a tough challenge accessing some of this services. Some states or countries even bar these convicts from enrolling in certain programs essential for their survival.


The increasing consumption of marijuana is the sole root of marijuana crimes. Convicts of these crimes, surely, face a difficult time coping up with their life situations if arrested. This is due to the above-highlighted challenges and consequences associated.

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