Habits and Addictions: The Differences and the Impacts
December 2, 2016

Most people think that habits and addictions are just the same but they are two completely different entities. Habits can be associated with both positive and negative implementations while addictions are mostly associated with only negative implementations and results. In most cases, habits can lead to addictions when it is not properly addressed or monitored. And we are going to find out how habits can turn to addictions – and what signs to spot.

Habits vs Addictions: The Basic Differences
Most health experts and psychologists believe that self-control and moderation are the key factors differentiating habits from addictions. Consequences and impacts are other things that differentiate the two. Humans are basically creatures of habits. They develop a certain pattern. When you take part in a certain repeated behavior that is happening on a regular basis, you have developed a habit. Again, when you combine self-control, moderation, and impacts, it can lead to different results. For instance, when you have a habit of exercising every day, the worst case scenario is that you will tire yourself. But you won’t suffer from any negative impact or whatsoever. On the other hand, when you are addicted to exercises, you have lost the control to limit yourself. You won’t care whether you will put yourself in a harm’s way when you overdo it. As long as you are satisfied, you will continue doing so.


Psychological Impulses
You see, our brain consists of several different parts and sections. Some areas are responsible for pleasure, some are responsible for pain. Pleasure and satisfaction are mostly related to the aspects of habits and addictions. First of all, the need and urge are mostly related to these two aspects. Everyone has the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. When you want to enjoy a brief moment of satisfaction and pleasure, you can develop it from your personal habit. Most people are happy with that brief moment, and they want to repeat it again another time to fulfill their needs of satisfaction and pleasure.

However, when you are no longer satisfied with that brief moment and you want to experience again and again, signs of addictions start coming up to the surface. It gets worse when you no longer have a good self-control and moderation. When you start losing your logic and you can no longer control yourself with the moderate limit, it’s when you start falling into the abyss of addictions.

Realization and Solution
Dealing with addictions isn’t easy because you have lost the sense of logic and common sense. When your habits start steering your life in a negative direction – you lose friends, you waste money, you can’t focus on other things, you put yourself or your heath in danger, etc – you have developed an addiction. It takes a serious commitment and determination to start – and often times, it takes professional help and assistance that may include therapies, medication, and consultation.

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