Recent Counter-Strike E-Sports Tournament hits over 1million viewers on Twitch!

Professional Gaming is growing to be a billion dollar+ industry. 10s of millions of players from around the world are competing in their various games of choose for high dollar prize pools. Among the most popular games played professionally is the classic Counter-Strike:GO. Pro CS:GO has seen very rapid growth in the past 4 years, and many think that this is just the beginning.

Considered as one of the best finals of CS: GO, ELEAGUE Major 2017 made history with a live broadcast that exceeded the number of one million unique spectators in the same channel simultaneously, according to Cristian Tamas, Twitch eSports Senior Manager. It is, in fact, the first retransmission that reaches and surpasses the million unique users (same channel) and that surpasses the previous mark that had the official retransmission of the ESL in the ESL One Cologne 2015 of CS : GO where they reach more than 760.000 spectators in its main channel.

This figure had never been reached, with any game, on a single channel on the live stream video platform.

Things were up in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive eSports scene, taking place the ELEAGUE 2017 final with Astralis from Denmark and Virtus Pro from Russia. With a gigantic prize pool, the action and duration of this whole event, it was to be expected that many people would attend. However, what nobody expected was that they were enough to break the record of the platform.Tamas confirmed that the previous record was 890,000 spectators, and was broken on the second map of the grand finale with a total of 1.26 million viewers. In addition to this, there is a lot of more visitors on the Chinese streaming services, Youtube, cable, and TBS satellite signal. The final number can easily rise above 2 million unique viewers.

If we refer to the information given by the game itself, bringing together all the official channels and the viewers from within the same, the last map surpassed the 1,399,518 spectators who should be added to all those who followed the tournament to through television and those who decided to use YouTube to watch the event.
The interest in eSports continues to grow substantially, and for Counter-Strike fans: Global Offensive these results are especially celebrated, due to the increase of interest in the game coming from some important sources, for example Overwatch. While the CS:GO increase popularity and grow in the competitive scenario, Overwatch suffered with scam problems and the skins betting scandal in the year past. Direct competitors like CS:GO take advantage of those scenarios, as we can see the numbers on Twitch or Youtube.

In addition, the grand finale of the ELEAGUE Major was also the longest in tournament history with a total of 88 rounds spread over three maps, surpassing the previous record imposed on the ESL One Katowice final between Fnatic and NiP in A total of 85 rounds and a peak of more than 861,000 simultaneous viewers in its stream.

An interesting and important detail that makes clear the good condition that has the Valve’s game as one of the most important eSports on the current scene. Then, the beginning of 2017 places CS: GO as one of the most impressive forces in eSports globally, just because more than one million of unique spectators is a number that speaks for itself. We can see now that the fight with League of Legends, to find out who is the king of eSports, is about to become harder than ever this year.

Habits and Addictions: The Differences and the Impacts

Most people think that habits and addictions are just the same but they are two completely different entities. Habits can be associated with both positive and negative implementations while addictions are mostly associated with only negative implementations and results. In most cases, habits can lead to addictions when it is not properly addressed or monitored. And we are going to find out how habits can turn to addictions – and what signs to spot.

Habits vs Addictions: The Basic Differences
Most health experts and psychologists believe that self-control and moderation are the key factors differentiating habits from addictions. Consequences and impacts are other things that differentiate the two. Humans are basically creatures of habits. They develop a certain pattern. When you take part in a certain repeated behavior that is happening on a regular basis, you have developed a habit. Again, when you combine self-control, moderation, and impacts, it can lead to different results. For instance, when you have a habit of exercising every day, the worst case scenario is that you will tire yourself. But you won’t suffer from any negative impact or whatsoever. On the other hand, when you are addicted to exercises, you have lost the control to limit yourself. You won’t care whether you will put yourself in a harm’s way when you overdo it. As long as you are satisfied, you will continue doing so.


Psychological Impulses
You see, our brain consists of several different parts and sections. Some areas are responsible for pleasure, some are responsible for pain. Pleasure and satisfaction are mostly related to the aspects of habits and addictions. First of all, the need and urge are mostly related to these two aspects. Everyone has the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. When you want to enjoy a brief moment of satisfaction and pleasure, you can develop it from your personal habit. Most people are happy with that brief moment, and they want to repeat it again another time to fulfill their needs of satisfaction and pleasure.

However, when you are no longer satisfied with that brief moment and you want to experience again and again, signs of addictions start coming up to the surface. It gets worse when you no longer have a good self-control and moderation. When you start losing your logic and you can no longer control yourself with the moderate limit, it’s when you start falling into the abyss of addictions.

Realization and Solution
Dealing with addictions isn’t easy because you have lost the sense of logic and common sense. When your habits start steering your life in a negative direction – you lose friends, you waste money, you can’t focus on other things, you put yourself or your heath in danger, etc – you have developed an addiction. It takes a serious commitment and determination to start – and often times, it takes professional help and assistance that may include therapies, medication, and consultation.

The Harsh and Questionable Consequences of Marijuana Crimes

The increasing availability of marijuana has increased its consumption rates. Additionally, marijuana is legal in some states. However, smoking a joint in other regions is strictly prohibited and can cost a fortune if caught. As a matter of fact, marijuana crimes have been on the rise. This has led to the introduction and implementation of strict rules and regulation curbing marijuana use. Like any other offense, you would expect an arrest, court fines or other petty charges that can be bailed out. However, depending on the region or state, you could be in for tough marijuana crimes consequences. Below are some of the common related marijuana(and paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, grinders, etc)crimes consequences.

• Jail terms and fines

To begin, getting arrested in possession of, or smoking this illegal drug warrants a jail term. In some regions or states, you could be jailed even up to ten years. However, some laws and legal sentiments regarding abuse of marijuana provide for a clause to apply a for a fine. This could be an easy way out though you will have to spend heavily. This includes paying the fine, hiring an attorney and other miscellaneous costs to set you free. This causes a lot of inconveniences both in time and finances.

• Job Restrictions

The hustle and tussle of finding a job after being convicted of marijuana crimes related case can be quite daunting. As much as federal laws forbid rejecting a job applicant solely by criminal convictions, managers have the capacity to conduct a background check on an applicants’ criminal records. With such a criminal record, you may find it difficult getting hired. You cannot guarantee any success in finding a job.

• Housing Challenges

For long, any person with a rap sheet has been experiencing major challenges in finding a residential house. Landlords and agents avoid these individuals in a bid to avoid any criminal cases in their properties. However, recent reforms and developments in this sector have banned such provisory barriers for ex-convicts aiming to integrate them into the society as they reform. However, this does not guarantee an easier housing. This explains the fact that many convicts end up being homeless, wander in the streets thus predisposing them to commit similar crimes again.

• Restricted Benefits

In the society, welfare, insurance, and other government programs should be accessed by all citizens equally. However, ex-convicts face a tough challenge accessing some of this services. Some states or countries even bar these convicts from enrolling in certain programs essential for their survival.


The increasing consumption of marijuana is the sole root of marijuana crimes. Convicts of these crimes, surely, face a difficult time coping up with their life situations if arrested. This is due to the above-highlighted challenges and consequences associated.

The New PenSimple Herb Grinding Pen for Herb Lovers

Do you need to be mentally relaxed after heavily working day, but your having problems grinding your favorite herb? So you don’t need to get worried. There is an amazing cool herb grinding pen that can easily be used for this purpose. The most interesting thing is that its shape isn’t look like other herb grinders that are available in the market. Because of this unique shape, it can easily be carried pretty much anywhere without knowing anybody. The PenSimple is the combination of a grinder, a pen, and motorized dispensers that can not only grind your herbs but can also store up to the gram of your favorite herbs. what’s also cool is that it is very easy and it’s portable as well because you can even bring it with you in your pocket like a pen. It is a rechargeable device and each recharge is capable of 50 to 100 dispenses depending upon how much herb to you want to use to be relaxed.

Now the questions comes of how to use it. As I told you before, it is very easy to operate. With a single push of a button you can get your herbs ground and dispensed for immediate use, and it’s perfect for all different types of herbs. Just load the grinder pen with your favorite herb and close its cap to push the button, within a blink of the eye the herb will be ground up. Another cool thing here is that you can put the ground material into your glass, papers, and vaporizers of all kinds. This thing can really save you a lot of time and frustration. The Pen Simple just makes the smoking herbs much easier. Not to mention, it also has a storage spot where you can store your ground herb.

This product is just a really cool little device for either stoners, or herb lovers of all types.